The Drama King — How do the two planets Chiron and Pluto, reveal Trump’s secret.

Since its independence, American has had 45 presidents, and Donald Trump is the 45th after succeeding Barrack Obama, who was the first black American president. The two have appeared as rivals in their ideologies and the way they would like to approach issues. Even though Barrack Obama is retired, he is still following how Trump’s regime runs the country and chip in where possible to offer his view. In most cases, Trump has been adamant that he wants to change America and make it great again after going through the Democrats’ hands in the previous regime. Trump believed that Barrack Obama focused more on foreign policies leaving the country under a mess which needed his expertise to correct. Thus, it is essential to learn about President Donald Trump, especially his childhood, beliefs, struggles, and what made him be one of the most influential people in the current world.

Because Donald Trump is a global concern. This article is all about TRUMP.

There’s the birth chart of him:

Donald Trump: June 14, 1946; 10:54 a.m.; Queens, New York

Here are three of the key elements of each individual’s birth chart.

They are Sun, Moon and rising sign. Sun is our ego Moon is the and the rising sign.

So Sun is about(☉) –our ego, it’s about 30% weight in our birth chart and it also means core self, the centre of our personality, self-image, it’s the true ego I want to express and shine it’s similar to the sun in the sky.

And the other one is Moon (☽) –it is about feelings, emotion, our intuition, mood, it’s the core of our inner soul.

Lastly, the rising sign is our mask when we are in the public or meet strangers.

Donald Trump’s Sun is in Gemini — the clever, fast-talking sign. With his Uranus, ruler of technology, social media and group activity, in his tenth house of public image, it’s no surprise he’s caused such chaos on Twitter and at his own rallies (Astrostyle, 2016).

Donald Trump’s Leo rising (or ascendant). When people have this rising, they are likely first identified by their trademark “manes” of hair. Trump even resembles the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. And it is similar to the Lion went to Oz to find courage, he also received a surrogate medal of courage (in his case, a veteran gave him his Purple Heart) — although, for Trump, there was no act of bravery performed to earn it (Astrostyle, 2016).

The Technology War:

In the last three months, President Trump’s technology war with Chinese giant technology company has triggered new rules for international business. White House threatens to ban the Chinese-owned apps TikTok and WeChat, followed by heavy sanctions on Huawei due to national security reasons. In September 2020, Oracle (US company) will take approximately 12 per cent stake in TikTok and take over the cloud services and security of the App, making TikTok a company that is owned and controlled by Americans. Donald Trump has effectively used social media like his Twitter account to announce policies, move markets and things to attract the attention of the public.

Election Destiny:

One thing stands out for this year’s election is that with the congressional and presidential combined, the elections may spend estimated $14 billion, it’s more than double 2016’s sum! (CNBC, 2020)

Since Trump had appeared to support immigrants’ banning in the past campaigns, this led to widespread institutionaliSed racism instances. However, Trump did not support racism but how he conducted himself seemed to call for white supremacy and police brutality. In his tenure, the Black Lives Matter movement became more pronounced than in the past, and the killing of African Americans escalated (Karni, 2020). The re-election efforts have faced colossal challenges, including the COVI-19 pandemic resulting from widespread economic disruption. Additionally, the country has faced various protests that aim to decry institutional racism, and the police brutality meted at the blacks.

Similarly, doctors diagnosed Trump with COVID-19 on the 3rd day of October, and this has brought more disruption to his plans to clinch the seat a second time. While receiving medication in isolation with his wife, Trump has kept his hopes higher of retaining the seat.

However, the situation might have affected him so much since upcoming meetings and campaign rallies that were going to be held in October no longer fit. Even though proxies contact them instead of his family, the outcome might be insignificant. It is because his supporters and potential voters had gotten used to Trump attaining his family’s support.

Considering that they are now going to be isolated for fear of new infections, the campaign landscape, and Trump’s attitude towards the election might change. Bearing in mind that the situation happened when barely one full month to the polls had remained, analysts might point out that it might turntables. Unlike in the past before the diagnosis, Trump was highly active on social media platforms reiterating his re-election plan (Karni, 2020). Still, he seems the situation has watered his efforts down. Through his managers, he still upholds a message of hope for winning the upcoming elections.

According to his latest sentiments regarding the upcoming elections, Trump claimed that he would have to ‘leave the country if he loses it.’

Trump is pointing the “Twittle” star

This shows the polls’ intensity even though many odds are working against him, considering the pandemic issue that has affected his health and the country’s economy. When Trump abandoned military allies and caused nativist fears and racism through institutions, numbers worked against him. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, came up with strategies to get more money into the campaign to stand a chance of winning the polls.

As a result, most Republican senators distanced himself from Trump, believing that he would lose the upcoming elections. However, Trump believes otherwise, even though things are not okay on his side. The fighting spirit that Trump has put can be considered an optimist since many people, especially the non-white ethnic groups, highly oppose Trump’s ideologies.

Trump’s Childhood:

Born in June 1946, Donald Trump grew up in New York for his entire childhood. Fredrick Trump, Donald’s father, was a real estate developer who operated middle-income apartments in their neighbourhood. Through this, he earned a decent income to support the family and develop generational investments. As a child, Donald Trump was bright and energetic, which helped him learn a lot from his father.

Donald Trump waves to staff members of the Trump Taj Mahal casino as they cheer him on before grand-opening ceremonies in Atlantic City on April 6, 1990. Trump attended the gala with, from left, his mother, Mary; father, Fred; and sister Maryanne Trump Barry. (Charles Rex Arbogast/AP)

Mostly, he could join him in the fields when he was out of school (Karni, 2020). Young Trump joined New York Military Academy when he was thirteen with the hopes of having positive energy and discipline to propel him in the right direction in his future as an entrepreneur. Many scholars claim that Donald Trump had a privileged childhood, and that can be seen based on how he walked in the footsteps of his father to become an influential businessman later (Wolff, 2013). In his academics, he performed well and involved himself in athletics and student leadership and later graduated aged 18 from the academy.

According to Kranish, the book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” showed the fruitless efforts Donald’s big brother, Fred Jr., to earn his father’s respect as an employee. His younger brother Donald reliably ridiculed him as a failure who spent too much time following his passion, aviation, and not enough on the family business, the book says.

Mary L. Trump, a niece of President Trump and the author of “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” published by Simon & Schuster. (Peter Serling/Simon & Schuster)

Mary L. Trump, a niece of President Trump and the author of “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” published by Simon & Schuster. (Peter Serling/Simon & Schuster)

Donald Trump waves to staff members of the Trump Taj Mahal casino as they cheer him on before grand-opening ceremonies in Atlantic City on April 6, 1990. Trump attended the gala with, from left, his mother, Mary; father, Fred; and sister Maryanne Trump Barry. (Charles Rex Arbogast/AP)

While out of school during the summer holidays, Trump helped his father in the construction sites, and he learned a lot from him. It was at this time that he considered the lucrative nature of the real estate management business. So, his father’s work impacted him primarily to choose a similar career path apart from politics. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, he studied finance Trump joined the family business, Trump Organisation. He then resolved to move to Manhattan and learn about many influential people within the region.

Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, writes that her grandfather’s children routinely lied to him, but for different reasons. For instance, her father, “lying was defensive — not simply a way to circumvent his father’s disapproval or to avoid punishment, as it was for the others, but a way to survive from Fred’s abuse and humiliation.”

When it comes to Business:

As a seasoned businessman who had attained experience from his father, he ventured into real estate development and business. His focus areas included casinos, hotels, resorts, golf courses, and residential properties, which earned him a fortune. From the 1980s onwards, Trump lends his brand name to various retail ventures such as cologne, food cloth lines. Then Trump University worked as a learning environment for those who wanted to learn about real-estate management from 2005 to 2010 (Karni, 2020).

Through such an institution’s facilitation, many people acquired the skills to start up real estate facilities and make great strides contributing to the country’s economy. At Manhattan, he familiarised himself with various profit-earning ventures, all of which were in the line of real-estate management and architecture, just as his father did.

Furthermore, Trump managed the family business, Trump Organisation. It comprises 500 firms that do business in various fields, including merchandise, residential properties, hotels and resorts, television, and entertainment. While his business venture was doing well, Trump decided to run for the American presidency in the Republican ticket in 2016, which surprised many since he did not actively involve himself in politics before the announcement. Thus, he had to start his campaigns on a high note.

His manifesto targeted undocumented immigrants, whereby he indicated that he would deport them and prevent others from coming to America in the future (Karni, 2020). Trump’s sentiments affected many people, especially the minority races since they found out that they were no longer valued even though they participated in ensuring the country’s economy is among the leading globally.

Connection with Russia:

In the past election, there were speculations that Trump had a connection with Russia. Also, he could have organised the interference with the elections. Upon probing further, the FBI and special security team found out that most of Trump’s associates had links with the Russian government, banks, security, and many other agencies that might have been interested in the US election. Further, considering that the wife to President Trump, Melania is from Russia, such links can boost.

However, scholars claimed that it could not guarantee the election interference in favour of Trump if the Russian side did not stand to benefit from the same. The US intelligence agencies found out that the 2016 elections faced mass election-related irregularities, aiming to tip the scales against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (Mueller, 2019). The state had authorised some campaigns, which included fake news and cyber-attacks. Trump’s contacts had shared classified information with Wikileaks and Russia, which showed Trump’s intervention.

Both the Russian and Trump’s side criticised the reports claiming that they were just witch hunt to reduce the sitting president’s popularity. However, even before getting into office, Trump had alluded that he was on ‘excellent’ terms with the Russian’s premier Putin. Therefore, it is hard to claim that the connections and rigging allegations are just conspiracy theories, and they might surface in the coming elections (Mueller, 2019).

It might turn the US into chaos and even nullifying the credibility of the results. Some scholars think that if Trump senses the danger of losing the upcoming polls, he can create confusion that would affect the elections’ credibility. By doing so, he can get another chance to compete at a level considering that he is not better positioned to do so (Weller, 2020).

It is because his campaigns have stalled due to his health conditions upon the COVI-19 diagnosis. Thus, he might consider external interference of the election, although the same idea had been in use in the 2016 polls Russian, in this case, might also play a role as followers from the opposing side might speculate.

In conclusion, Donald Trump has a great past as he learned doing business from his father. He obtained one of the best education opportunities and later joined his family’s Trump Organisation. Consequently, many can view his entry into politics as unexpected as he has been a renowned businessperson. It can explain more about how he has had a tumultuous reign in the White House. The coming elections might be a great litmus test for him, considering that a lot has happened to the country’s economy following the pandemic, which has also affected his health.

Similarly, the Democratic Party has fielded a strong candidate, and there exist a lot of resources that it can use to unseat Trump. With Trump’s elections having stopped due to his health condition, he might lose a lot in the swing states, requiring his attention the remaining days before the polls. Unlike in the past election, when Russia interfered with its credibility, the coming election might need internal interference through power and money, and the Democrats seem to have this. Thus, Trump’s behaviour in the wake of the November polls has changed, and he has hinted at leaving the country if he loses.

From the astrological point of view (Chiron & Pluto in the 12th house meaning):

Trump’s Chiron locates in the 12th house, he is hypersensitive to energies and emotions in the environment, which can include the collective. He might unintentionally absorb the suffering of all kinds from the collective unconscious, ultimately finding it hard to be part of the world.

Moving this energy he has absorbed out is critical, but so is learning to have his heart open but not absorb what’s around him. 12th house planets can seem to inspire a bit of chaos in the psyches because we can’t control what we find when we interface with the collective.

As each human is on a path to learning to go from making choices based in fear into those found in love, you’re in a unique position to encounter all manner of modules of painful scenarios people create for themselves and asserting Chironic love by choosing to have compassion in the face of the suffering you cannot change or stop (

One must understand the dilemma of Trump’s Pluto in the 12th house. It is a fearsome business for the majority of people. Due to (Stella, 2019), facing one’s 12th house Pluto and surrendering to it, requires a great deal of internal courage.

There could be a great fear of living in servitude to others with no personal choices in one’s own life (Trump and his siblings can’t choose their life, basically everything). There is also deep anxiety of being out of control of his own life (COVID-19 is out of his control and he tends to blame others to run away from the fear).

As Stella said, it is possible, it also represents a suffer a childhood of invisibility.

Possibly the authority structure in the formative years of experience did not support a healthy ego development, and Donald had to fight hard for the right to feel significant in the world.

Sum Up:

To sum up, the tarot card shows to me that Trump would win in the election 2020. Hopefully, it would not come true. We will see you then.

About the author:

Keren, I’m a big fan of astrology for 10 years, currently a master student at the Swinburne University of Technology.

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Ins: kerenl9k

Twitter: Kareny39322546


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